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Quick Draw

Quick Draw

In Quick Draw, the player will be taken to a screen which displays a word or phrase. The player's task is to draw or sketch an image depicting the word in a short time, in about 20 seconds.

Quick Draw is a quick and fun game for players who love art and imagination.

The game includes a group of players, depending on your number and regulations.

Each turn, a theme is chosen or randomly drawn and all players need to draw a picture related to that theme.
The time for each turn is often limited to create tension and challenge.

After the time ends, all drawings will be visible to everyone.

Each player will then try to guess which person the drawing belongs to by placing a bet or making a guess.

The player who guesses the drawing correctly will receive points.

The game continues with different themes and players can accumulate points to determine the final winner.

Quick Draw game creates a fun and creative environment that encourages your imagination and drawing ability.


Quick Draw game has simple and fast gameplay. Each round, players receive a word or phrase usually chosen at random from a large database. The player then has limited time to draw a representation of the word. Drawings are done on the screen using something like a mouse or a finger on a touch screen.


Scores and reviews:
After completing the drawing, a drawing analysis algorithm evaluates the accuracy of the drawing and provides a score to the player. High scores will be given for correct and accurate drawings, while low scores will be given for inaccurate or unrecognized drawings.


Game mode:
Quick Draw offers a single-player mode where each player participates in individual rounds and tries to achieve the highest score. Players can play unlimited rounds to improve their drawing skills and challenge themselves.


Ranking and social challenges:
Quick Draw game provides a ranking system so players can compare their scores with other players around the world. Players can share their drawings via social networks to challenge and show off their drawing skills to friends.


It also enlivens meetings with friends and family. Hope that you will enjoy this game.

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