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DoodleBash is a fun game that challenges your drawing and drawing skills. Choose your favorite room and get ready to challenge your imagination! Your task in the game is very simple


DoodleBash game rules

If you are a guesser, you will rely on the artist's drawing to guess what they are drawing. The first three people to guess correctly will receive 5 points for their correct guesses. So make inferences and guess continuously about what the picture is showing.

If you are the drawer, you will have to choose a word from a list of options and illustrate it with an image. Absolutely do not draw words if you do not want to violate the rules of the game. Your picture will get 5 points for the first correct guess, with each subsequent correct guess you will get an additional point. The more people guess your word correctly, the more points you will be awarded. If your drawing is too difficult for the other roommates to guess, you can use hints. However, each time you use a hint, 1 point will be deducted from the number of points achieved in that round.


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How To Play?

Use mouse to draw

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