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advertisement is an extremely fun online multiplayer game that combines drawing skills, creativity and guessing. In this game, players take turns drawing a designated word while others try to guess what the word is within a given time.


The goal of is to earn as many points as possible by successfully guessing and drawing words. Each player takes a turn in the drawing phase, in which they are given a random word to illustrate on the virtual canvas. The challenge lies in conveying the word using only your drawing skills, as you cannot write any hints or letters. At the same time, other players must guess the word and type their answer into the chat box. The faster they guess correctly, the more points they earn. Guessers can also submit text-based clues to help others better understand the drawing.


The play area is divided into several sections: the drawing board at the top, the chat section at the bottom, and the player list on the right. Drawing is done with the mouse, while predictions will be sent into the chat like regular messages – if your prediction is correct it will be hidden from everyone else until the round ends . At the end of each round, points will be divided between successful guessers and artists. Artists earn points based on how quickly they guess the word, while guessers earn points depending on when they get the correct answer. has different game modes, including free for all, team matches, and custom game rooms where you can play with friends. It also includes a chat function for players to communicate within the game, creating a social and interactive environment.

How To Play?

Mouse / Keyboard

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