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Mergest Kingdom

Mergest Kingdom

Build your own territory in the Mergest Kingdom game


Mergest Kingdom is not a boring merge game, it is a challenging quest filled with valuable objects, gardens and spells. Your goal is to dominate an ancient kingdom, building it from scratch to greatness by combining similar items to merge them into something new and good. than.


At the start, the player is given an initial small piece of land with a grass board design. Here you have to build from scratch with wheat farming by combining three of the same items on this landscape to form larger items. From there you will gradually discover many extremely valuable items. There are hundreds of items to discover and combine.


After each mission, players earn energy, gold coins, and purple gems to buy the items they need to help the kingdom grow faster or hire helpers to build the kingdom with you. The game also provides these rewards in chests and bags from which your kingdom will grow and develop continuously. Go through each level of the game to enjoy what you're building and immerse yourself in a vibrant world where magic and imagination come alive.


Outstanding features in the game


You have complete freedom to build your magical kingdom exactly the way you want. Explore new lands filled with mysterious creatures and new resources.

Start building from rudimentary things like planting trees, collecting wood, building houses and then building solid castles.

The game continuously offers you many different missions, after each mission will reward you with gold, gems and more premium missions to keep you busy and deep into the game.

There are also daily quests that reward you with gold and gems, so be sure to come back for them.

How To Play?

USE THE MOUSE while you navigate around the map.

LEFT CLICK on items, characters, and more while you make decisions and continue your journey.

Consider the tasks you receive in the form of letter commands - from there you will know what step to take next

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