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Paper io

Paper io

Draw to expand your territory in Paper io game.


Welcome to Paper io, a unique and addictive game in which you must conquer territory by drawing lines to create your own space while trying to expand and steal territory from others. other players. Compete against other players in real-time and try to take up as much space on the arena as possible. Steal territory from your opponents and paint everything in your colors. The character design in the game is also unique and novel, the gameplay requires gamers to apply intelligence and flexibility when moving. Paper io is a game that is easy to learn, but difficult to master, addictive, and fun to play.


Player's mission


Each player participating in 2 will own a character with their own color, usually made in a square shape to match the concept of the overall game. Players need to concentrate on controlling the square around the map and draw an area to convert the color of that area into their own color. Glance over the white space and other players' paint, then make a connection back to your own to claim that area. The more your color covers the surface, the higher your percentage score and the higher your ranking on the leaderboard. The goal is to capture as much territory as possible and become the top player on the leaderboard.

Invading other people's territories is also a gameplay of this game, you can invade other people's territories by drawing rings into their territories, and vice versa, other players can do the same thing. for your territory. While moving, you need to be careful not to let other players touch your path. Otherwise, your entire territory will disappear and the game will end. Avoid opponents and expand the color space on the map to win.


Tips and tricks


Roaming far from your comfort zone can quickly expand your territory but will leave you vulnerable to other players. So don't be too greedy, but stay close to your territory and come in and out often to reduce the risk of being cut off.


If you see a player with a long path, take the opportunity to rush in and cut them off. That way, they would lose their entire territory in one blow. Their rank on the leaderboard will gradually decrease, making room for you to climb higher!


Moving around the edges of your area gives you more cover as you stealthily move around the arena and add more territory to your territory.

How To Play?

Enter the name you want to display in the game.

Choose the mode you like.

Click play to start the game.

Move the mouse to control the square block.

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